We are able to offer grooming services for both dog and cat patients at our clinic that require additional monitoring and TLC due to health concerns or that require sedation due to their level of stress,matting or aggressive nature.We also offer our clients pets medicated baths to treat ongoing dermatological conditions. Grooming can have many additional health benefits to your pet beside the usual ‘beauty parlor’ look and smell! A matted pet can quickly become a target for flies in the summer months. Remember also that an ‘unkept’ animal may be a sign that the animal is not well and should be examined by one of our veterinarians. Please note we do not offer routine grooming services for non client pets or for client pets that could otherwise be serviced by a pet groomer.

Medicated Baths


There are many indications for medicated baths in animals. One of the most common reasons for using a medicated bath is to treat ‘itchy’ skin. Another common condition responsive to…

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