Dr. Monique Brison

A visit to a petting zoo for my fifth birthday seeded a lifelong passion to work with animals. Fortunately, an equal curiosity and affinity for science paved the way to attending the Atlantic Veterinary College and completing my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in May 1993.

I have had the opportunity to live and work in several provinces, choosing Newfoundland as my home in 1996. I started full time practice at the Baccalieu Trail Animal Hospital in 2009.

I enjoy a focus on medicine, particularly dermatology. My commitment to all areas of practice continues, with deep compassion for my patients and their families.

During my time away from work, I enjoy crafty pursuits like crochet, knitting and baking. When time and weather permit, you would likely find me gardening, or touring and admiring other people‚Äôs gardens. My love for travel is on hold for now, which gives me more time to spend with three very active kitties, and plan for a new puppy in the spring.